-- The Healing Tree --
Summer/Fall 2008 Happenings


This year The Healing Tree, assisted by the Light Foundation and YouthWorks, led two reservation-based summer camps for youth for kids on the Northern Cheyenne Indian reservation. e Crazyhead Springs Campground. We had a great time . A wonderful church from Colorado had a great time working with 30 kids for a 3-day "Day Camp" at the beautiful Crazy Head Springs Campground on the Northern Cheyenne reservation.

We also transported 4-5 youth/week to 5 weeks of off-Reservation Bible Camps in Montana and Wyoming. Many of the same youth have returned to the same camps over 5-6 years forming long-term relationships with kids and staff from other communities.

Youth Leadership

Over the summer and fall of 2007 the Healing Tree has began working with small groups of middle school and high school, girls and boys to develop leadership skills, discuss applicable youth issues they are facing and to expose them to off-reservation opportunities.

This ministry has continued through out the last year and summer. Rick has been working with the high school boys and having them up to the house on Sunday afternoons to play paintball and hang out. Candi, our volunteer is getting a girls group for middle school age with high school age girls aiding by being Jr. staff. These Jr. staff have been through the girls group in the past. The goal of these groups is to provide a safe environment where we can support one another in life’s daily struggles and to develop their leadership skills.

2nd Annual Christian Family Fun Day

On Saturday, July 26, 2008, the community got together for a community wide event at the Pentecostal Church in Lame Deer. This is a one-day event in July, bringing together the Christian Community of all churches to celebrate Family and Faith. Many people participated in an Awareness Walk against Family Violence and over 200 people came to the following dinner that included music, short presentations and games for kids.
We would like to give a big thanks to all that were instrumental in making this a success such as the YWAM group, Youthworks volunteers, community churches that supported and aided in the efforts, and all of the musicans and young teens who shared their testimonies. It was a very fun time for all and the community really enjoyed it! Thanks again!

Voho'kase Camp with Matt Light

The Healing Tree is working with the Light Foundation of Greenville, Ohio, an organization formed by an active NFL player, Matt Light of the New England Patriots. Four boys from the Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation were paired with four boys from inner-cities of Cincinnati, Ohio and Providence, Rhode Island to do a 7-day Adventure Camp on the Northern Cheyenne Reservation. The whole event was filmed and will culminate with a short movie called “Stands Alone Warrior” that will be show at various film festivals for recognition and sale to networks and TV shows like NFL channel, ESPN. The film is being narrated by Judy Muller of ABC and edited by a top editor from ESPN – all for free. You can check out the trailer at www.standsalonewarrior.com.

Mission Groups around the US

This summer the Healing Tree hosted 8 churches from Montana, Colorado and Oregon as they worked in the Northern Cheyenne community on projects with families, local churches and organizations.
Special focus was given to several foster families and elders in Lame Deer, assisting them with their specific needs. Foster children homes are given priority access to summer camps and involvement with the Healing Tree Youth Leadership groups. A new playground was built for Mader’s Haven foster family and groups did extensive yard work for several families and elders, as well as churches.

Volunteers and Internships

The Healing Tree is accepting short-term volunteers to assist in accomplishing goals & objectives of the organization and to be dispatched to other local organizations in the community. This can be a summer commitment or even semester. We are willing to work with individuals on a time commitment. Each summer 1-2 high school students are hosted in the Robinson home and utilized as volunteers at the Boys & Girls Club and other community projects.

We are also looking to host up to four long term (1 year) volunteers, providing housing, transportation, partial food supplement and at times there might be a monthly stipend If you are looking for a way to get involved in a community and make an impact, then this is your opportunity. We are looking for individuals with passion to serve Christ and the people of the Northern Cheyenne tribe. It is an adventure that you will treasure for the rest of your life. Whatever gifts or talents God has given, you we can find a way to plug you in. There are many ways to get involved some of which are listed below. If you are interested, we would love to have you apply for this position.

Opportunities to serve include developing local youth leadership, supporting local community partnerships and the development of those organizations, recruiting more volunteers and developing the volunteer program, marketing and communicating about the Healing Tree’s purpose and mission, resource development and learning to write grants and secure funds for programs, and leading summer mission groups as they come out to serve.

This position is mission based and volunteer so you would need to raise support, however we would be willing to work with you and help you acquire the funds you need. If you have a desire to serve and be used by God, this just might be the place for you.