Jonathan Two Moons is back!

My name is Jonathan Two Moons and I am 19 years old. I am an enrolled member of the Northern Cheyenne tribe in Busby, Montana.

This fall & winter I am attending a Youth With A Mission Discipleship Training School (YWAM), an international Christian organization that reaches out to young people all over the world. Their mission is to teach young people the way of God and of his love letter to us called the Bible. The Discipleship Training School (DTS) is for six months in Meeteetse, Wyoming where I will be learning about Godly character with other youth my age. One of the ways they teach about God is they bring speakers from all around the world to come and talk to us.
After DTS, the school travels to Costa Rica to help the Costa Rican people for two months. I have already been growing in my relationship with God and I feel this school is going to make that relationship explode. (JONATHAN JUST COMPLETED HIS 6 MONTHS WITH YWAM ON FRIDAY JAN. 23RD AND IS HEADING BACK HOME TO REGROUP AND PLAN HIS NEXT STEPS. KEEP HIM IN PRAYER)

Jan. 15, 2009 (Letter from Jonathan)

Hello Rick,
This has been a great adventure, coming to Costa Rica. I am not going to lie, there have been hard times but I and my team pulled through. First arriving here in Costa Rica I was surprised on how different the culture is here in Costa Rica. There many things that are different here than in the states.
The day after I got here our team built a fence for a YWAM base in Heredia. We also did prayer walks in San Rafael. After one week in Heredia we packed up and went to northern Costa Rica to a village called Wenacosta. When we first got there we went to a fiesta where they were having horse games with one horse and rider at a time. They play the game like this: there’s a stretch of road in the middle of the road with two poles holding a string above the road. On the string there are clips that hold tiny rings. You are supposed to gallop down the road with a small stick and put it through one of the rings at full speed. I tried it four times and missed it every time. After that we put on a stick horse rodeo for little kids it was meant for kids but adults joined in. Anyway it was funny when they did it. The people in Wenacosta were very nice - always with a smile on their face. Everywhere we went they invited us back. By the place we were staying at, they played soccer every day at five. It was fun, almost as fun as basketball. The villagers learned our names quick and every time I got the ball they would say, "Go Jon". Even the old fat guys still play. With livestock - we were invited to two ranches to brand which was a lot of fun just to catch the cows and rustle them down and tie am up. We were also introduced to people that needed help milking their cows early in the morning which we did every day. We got to know a lot of people. I was amazed at this community of Wenacosta. They don’t have that much but during a fiesta everyone helps out. They really love their children and also like to invite you over to eat. I also rode two bulls down here in a rodeo - not big bulls but big enough to buck. Some days we will work and some days we will rest. It was a good experience. This D.T.S was a revelation of great truth I am glad I went to YWAM.

Peace and blessings, - Jonathan

Update on our Volunteer

Hello everyone! My name is Candi Reynolds and I am working here on the Northern Cheyenne Reservation as a volunteer for the Healing Tree. As a volunteer for the Healing Tree I am able to get into the community in many different ways. My passion is working with kids and youth and I have I have been able to develop great relationships with many of the kids and youth here. I have been helping with the operations of the Healing Tree including marketing, fundraising, and other clerical duties. In addition to these I have been able to get into the community and do the things I love. I am working alongside various organizations such as Liberty Christian Academy(LCA), Morning Star Baptist Church, the Boys and Girls Club and starting a Girls Leadership group.

I have been working with LCA in the afternoons throughout the week aiding in the individualized work of the students, grading, and just being a support wherever it is needed. We have fourteen students enrolled this year. The structure is a one room school house with students ranging from first grade to senior in high school. This creates a unique atmosphere as you may be working with a first grader and their letters and sounds then over to a high schooler who is working on algebra. However, I love that it keeps me on my toes. It has been a great opportunity for me to get to know more of the kids in the community as well as develop relationships with kids and parents. I enjoy the structure of an educational system and look forward to more ways I can work alongside LCA and support them in the future.

I am also working alongside Morning Star Baptist Church with the youth and leading worship. This relationship with the church started over a year ago. I first came out to Lame Deer with Youthworks the summer of 2007 and then I came back in 2008. While I was here I developed a good relationship with this church and last summer we even stayed in the church for a few weeks. I appreciate the opportunity to plug into a local church here in Lame Deer and serve in anyway I am needed.

The Boys and Girls Club in Lame Deer is a great place to be able to spend time with the kids and get involved in the community. I am working with them Tuesday and Thursday evenings, plugging into afterschool programs they already have going. I am also going to be mentoring a child through the Boys and Girls Club. What a great way to have such an impact in many children's lives.

Along with these community organizations, I have also started up a leadership group designed for middle school age girls. With this we also have high school girls who I will also be mentoring and utilizing as Jr. staff. This gives them a great opportunity to start implementing some of their leadership qualities. The goal of the group is to build character and develop a positive self image while helping them develop leadership qualities as well. The group serves as a safe environment where we can have fun and share about life and the struggles that we go through. This is one of the biggest blessings for me because it allows me to continue doing the "big sister" thing here on the reservation with my Cheyenne sisters.